Wandering the globe together since 1995, today international landscape photographers Drew and Katja Cain spend much of their year chasing light in some of the world's most captivating locations.

In early 2015, the couple embarked on their most ambitios photographic exploit to date—a 16-month around-the-world journey spanning twenty countries and four continents. From the emerald hills of Ireland to vast plains scattered with ancient temples in Myanmar, monkey forests in Indonesia to soaring volcanic peaks of New Zealand, returning with countless new images and stories to fill volumes.

"We travel without a plan, allowing each day the the freedom to unfold as inspiration (or whimsy) arises."

The couple's passion for travel, adventure and visual storytelling weaves a tonal tapestry through their photographs. From the muted hues of misty Tuscan mornings to shimmering turquoise-blues of South Pacific beaches, the colors of their wanderings thread through thoughful compositions, drawing the viewer into the frame-whispering quiet inspiration to awaken the wander inside each of us.



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