Sukhdev Dail

Born in a small village in Punjab. Father, being a physician, wanted his son to follow in his footsteps, but Sukhdev had no stomach for blood and sharp objects, so he turned to soft brushes and art. His childhood seemed idyllic, being surrounded by nature where streams were full of fish and fields of tall grass, hiding foxes and other wild life. That’s where his lifelong love of creation and nature was born. Sukhdev graduated from the Delhi College of Art in 1962, under the teaching of the renowned artists Dhanrat Bhagat and Sailoz Mookherjee.

He traveled from Kashmir to Kaniakumari in order to soak in the native art of India, and covered the four corners of the world from Tokyo to Paris and from Canada to Chile in order to see the art of the world. He was as fascinated with sculpture as with paintings, and in 1964 made his first larger than life-size piece “The Archer”, which graces the grounds of the Teacher’s College in Phagwara, where he lectured for a period of two years. He left the security of his job and homeland for the adventurous trek to Europe, via Oriental Express and even on foot for the large part of the Persian Desert, when friend’s car ran out of gas. Reaching the center of Europe Sukhdev found a commercial job at a studio and simultaneously studied art at the Royal Academy Palace de Beaux Arts in Brussels. In 1966 after two years under the auspices of the Flemish professor De Vlaminck Sukhdev held his first solo exhibition at the Gallery Romain Louise in Brussels.

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Cheetah Flutes Forbidden Fruit
CheetahFlutesForbidden Fruit




Introspect Kiss Kiss—Blue




Latte Sea Breeze Silver Rain
LatteSea BreezeSilver Rain




Sing to Me Springtime
Sing to MeSpringtime