Stefan H. Unger

I have a very vivid memory of the moment I decided to do both my technical and humanities classes equally well in junior high school. And, following a PhD in Chemistry from MIT, I spent most of my professional life as a scientist in the area of "computer aided drug design," but switched to business development and creative marketing of computers and software for drug discovery in the early 90s.

Obviously, the technical won out in terms of a first career. My second career in related technical product marketing and business development allowed for more artistic creativity, world travel, tradeshow booths, and so forth.

While photography was always a hobby, now that I'm semi-retired I can revisit the creative side as much as I want. And I do! I now spend most of my time on my "Photo Impressions," as well as event photography and portraits.

I probably gravitated towards photography because I have an urge to create something artistic, but I can't draw!  And all that time with computers led to my particular style of tuning and testing and pushing the image.

I hope to combine a good eye for composition and story with lots of Photoshop, believing that sometimes "you have to distort reality to understand it."
I'm not much interested in realism in my art work; I want to evoke an emotional-- not a precise--memory.

I don’t stick to a particular theme or style. Rather, I look at each photograph and try to see the story, humor, irony, symbolism, or whatever strikes my interest. I then use a palette of software and imagination to create an Impression that matches the image.

I hope you enjoy these "Photo Impressions" as much as I have in creating them!
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