Paul Woodward


AN ARTIST’S STORY – by Paul Woodward, Ceramic Sculptor of “Ceramic Coral Creations”

Sculpting is my artistic passion. During the 1990’s, The Fine Arts Department of Saddleback Community College was where I developed my talents through a variety of art courses. My learning experiences are widely varied: Sculpting, Drawing, Painting – primarily portraits and\figures in clay, cast in Bronze. Most classes were for my own enjoyment – not for credits. I became completely absorbed in awakening my creativity. Mostly self-taught, I had a small studio, worked on sculpting live models, participated in some shows and exhibits. Recently, I’ve been working at a studio near my home in Laguna Woods (eight years), taking sculpting classes.

When I began creating ceramic “Blue Coral,” my brother, Robbie (retired interior decorator, fine art dealer), encouraged me too build a body of work and locate a gallery to present my ceramic coral creations. I began feeling real individual creativity three years ago. Essentially, I had become my own mentor, self-taught – after mostly failing, starting over, always doing better. My ceramic coral creations begin by playing with a 3-5 pound ball of clay. Working the clay, gradually, I experience forming beautiful, organic, life-like coral shapes. Every one is unique, one of a kind “living coral” from my imagination. Illusions of beautiful, living forms, like coral from deep ancient seas result from a day of play with a ball a clay. After much patient care, finishing, firing, glazing my coral comes ALIVE!
Blue Coral #1
Blue Coral #1