Mohan Bhasker

As long as I can remember, traveling and exploring the beauty of God’s handiwork has been a passion of mine. In my youth, it was more of an excitement and curiosity. As I grew older it became an integral part of my life. Along with my travels, photography became my passion. I use photography as a means to show my friends and the world my life experiences. Even though nothing can replace the vivid images that reside in my mind when I close my eyes, my photographs project my innermost memories. Both my travels and photography have also brought me closer to Nature. I have spent endless hours in solitude with Nature. I understand the moods and behavior of the sun, the clouds, the rain, the mist, the changing of seasons, the stars, the moon, the land, sunrises and sunsets, and the ocean. The weather is the single most important factor that controls my photography. Even when I visit the scene in the right season, the window of opportunity for perfect photography is very limited. It could be as brief as a few minutes. I experience more days of defeat than success with my photographic shoots. I do my best to ensure that my photographic experiences are not limited by factors like distance, patience, difficulty, time and uncertainty. I accept disappointment with grace. It is Mother Nature against you. With each defeat I understand Nature better. There are no rules or boundaries for dealing with Nature. I try to apply my photographic experience to real life through patience and unconditional quests for perfection. The determination to enjoy the journey on this path of relentless pursuit for perfection gives me the strength to remain committed. In the end it is the memories of your experience during the journey to attain your goal that matter the most. Goals are just bench-marks that keep changing with time. Memories are written in stone and never change. This has taught me patience and to accept defeat in the process if inevitable. The challenge that I often face is trying to find that perfect image that grabs not only my artistic vision but also provides me with an emotional connection with nature. When I encounter this vision, I know I have captured the perfect aspect of harmony. Perfect images are the windows of the world. In every image, I offer a tribute to the uniqueness of the remote places I have visited, reflecting my appreciation of the beauty, history, and significance of each location. I enjoy photographing remote places in this world that very few people venture to visit. My desire to share with all Nature lovers scenes from these difficult to reach places and my love of ‘story-telling’ about them is the source of my strength required to endure the difficulties and challenges I encounter on my photo shoots.

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