Ira M. Marks

My Left Brain is escaping its sibling Right Brain……

Growing up in Brooklyn, NY I always had a passion to use my hands to create drip castles at the beach, building model planes & boats with the help of my father, and scenery for my trains. A neighbor gave me a wooden lathe and I taught myself how to turn wooden bowls for a couple of years in my early teens. I started developing attention to detail at Brooklyn Tech HS in industrial design and drafting classes. I then earned a Systems Science & Engineering Degree at Brooklyn Polytechnic University and pursued a career at IBM in computer science. In my early twenties I first dabbled in wooden relief carvings, but then my right brain took over and the challenges of business occupied most of my time. In 1981 I was hired away to Silicon Valley by an early stage company, and then started my own venture funded company, Synergy Computer Graphics. For the past 28 years I have run a consulting and boutique Executive Recruiting [aka Headhunter] business, Strategic Alternatives, supporting High-tech Companies pushing the bleeding edge.

My earliest endeavor with clay started only about 10 years ago when I was offered the opportunity to take a beginners sculpting class with Peter Rabino. He taught a subtractive approach, using water based clay. Soon after, I was fortunate to find Philippe Faraut's newly published text on Portrait Sculpting demonstrating additive techniques which is wonderful for anyone interested in beginning sculpture. I started sculpting busts in my own workshop, initially of grand- children, my pet Gordon Setter, some interesting faces, and a few Caricature faces. I then migrated to figurative work first attending Lynn Forbes workshops in Carlsbad, Ca. and then with Victor Issa in Loveland, Co. both using live models. And I also received helpful guidance from Brittany Ryan, a sculptor, and instructor at Laguna College of Art & Design.

What drives me, besides wanting to be semi-retired, is when I am inspired by an image, a pose, a picture, or being and capturing the expression, detail, and textures as part of my artistic expression!